Fight The Hordes With 4Force Online

MMORPGs are bug business these days. In case anyone is out of the loop, MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game, and for better or worse, it’s becoming the new standard for multiplayer gaming. Sadly, the days when a group of friends would circle the couch and play winner-stays-on Mario Kart are receding into distant memory (though that’ll always be my preferred method of playing with mates). MMORPGs started on the PC with the phenomenally successful World of Warcraft and continued on to the home console games in the form of countless other titles including heavy hitters like the Final Fantasy and Metal Gear series. Then they exploded on to smartphones. 4Force Online is the latest installment of the blazingly popular format, and puts you at the head of a one-man hunting party. The hunt is on now for iOS and Google Play.

The game starts rapidly. You get to pick a character, one of four types, each with their own specialties. I went for the Troll character because he’s hilariously deformed, but there’s also the more traditional Knight, Barbarian and Dwarf camps to choose from. And then, you’re in to the fray. The perfect soundtrack to accompany the game by the way is clearly ‘Immigrant Song’ by Led Zeppelin. That’s not to take anything away from the game’s excellent soundtrack – but sometimes these games are more fun if you just apply your own music.

Speaking of excellent production values, the graphics are particularly stunning in 4Force Online; there are a number of separate worlds, each with their own look, from luscious forests to lava spitting volcano craters, with numerous beasties waiting for the slaughter in each one. It’s survival of the fittest in this game though – those beasties are also trying to kill you. About three seconds into playing the game, I lumbered up to a vicious-looking lion, eager for my first kill – only to be surprised when it gutted me with three rapid swipes. As my troll blood stained the grass and the screen faded to black and white, I feel I learned a valuable lesson…

Which is, if you can get your friends to help you out, do it! 4Force Online is an MMOPRG after all – you’ll encounter any number of fellow players roaming the mythic lands of…whatever fantasy country the game is set in. You can team up with your pals at any time to take down a particularly feral lad, and in some case, you must team up – these so-called ‘boss raids’ are against the most dangerous of foes, and will pit your hunting party against another, with the first to slay the beast taking the spoils. 4Force Online is deep game with a huge playability factor, and a lot of fun to boot. So what are you waiting for?

Sound the horn at the App Store or Google Play and join the hunt today for free!

Patrick Ryan
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