The South Korean artist PSY features in Game of Dice’s new update

Game of Dice has received a feature-rich update themed on the South Korean popstar PSY.

You can now play as PSY himself by purchasing the ‘Daddy PSY’ character, which is based on the costume he wore for his latest hit, ‘Daddy’. Daddy PSY specialises in Mini Battles and Toll Increases.

PSY himself recorded all of his lines in English and Korean Watch the video below for a look at him doing so in action.

Login on launch day and you’ll get some free PSY Dice fragments, which you can use to unlock the new PSY Dice.

You can also get PSY Dice fragments by doing the events Joycity is hosting to celebrate the new update. You’ll have to win seven matches during a limited amount of time to complete the first of these.

Finishing off the update is a new event map. It’s themed on a club and rewards crafting items like Sunglasses, Bowties, and Microphones to those who play on it.

Not played Game of Dice yet? Well, it’s played on a multi-tiled board you have to throw dice to journey around it, taking all properties you land on. The value of these goes up every time you lap the board.

Every time an enemy lands on one of your properties, you collect a toll – which also rises when you perform a lap of the board.

The end goal is to bankrupt all of the enemy players. There are a variety of different skill cards, characters, and dice which have different abilities to help you achieve this.

Game of Dice has ranked first in the Hong Kong Top Grossing Game Chart in the App Store and third in Google Play’s similar chart. It’s also had over 4.5 million downloads globally.

Head on over to the App Store or Google Play to check it out right now for free, and receive 2,500 gems worth of free gifts.


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