Review: FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery – The Best Way to Recover Lost Contacts

We have never really thought about what might happen if we lose our contacts from our iPhone or iPad. Many users will make good use of the iCloud and hope that in the event of data loss we might recover our contacts from there. But in truth, how many of us actually keep this updated with everything, as and when it’s produced? Few, we’ll wager. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery is a great way to recover your lost contacts.

Recovery software is more important now that our devices are carrying just that little bit more than just a list of names and phone numbers of family and friends. Smart devices like the iPhone and iPad tablets really do carry your life around in a small but precarious piece of kit that can be compromised much easier than you might think. Losing the contacts on your device does put you in a difficult position. How do you go about getting the details back?

It’s not just loss of all files, but loss of individual files that matters too, such as contacts that you have for years. Those who want to delete a contact detail but accidentally click on the wrong one finds yourself in a predicament. We’ve all done it and FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery is a piece of software that lets you easily recover all contacts you recently deleted from your device.

Recovery of data is simple and performed in four simple steps. Basically it scans, collates the data together and prepares it for preview. Once this process is complete, the recovery of the data is moved to the software so you can retrieve it.

restore iphone contacts

  1. Firstly, download and install FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery Software. Launch it and connect  to your computer.
  2. Tap ‘’Start scan’’, the software will start to run and scan your data.
  3. After scan is complete, all the iPhone data including the missing contacts will be listed in a category.
  4. Click on ‘’Recover’’ and this will restore iPhone contacts you need. You can save those found contacts to your computer in CSV, HTML, VCF formats.

When you download FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery you get a 15-day free trial. There are limitations such as being able to preview the content of the first 3 items of a category and not able to preview pictures in full size. You can get a lifetime license for only $69.95 (Windows) $79.95 (Mac).

Windows Version     Mac Version

Don’t think it’s just for contacts recovery. Whatever you seem to lose by accident, FonePaw will help you get it back. It could be a note, WhatsApp message, SMS text, important photos of a building you saw on the last leg of a vocational tour, videos and calendar entries. The software can recover deleted files from your iPhone.


What I liked about FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery was the clean graphic display and unlike most software items, this application does not blind you with technical science, jargon or in-house speak. In other words, anyone can use this and you will know what you are doing from the very get-go. The screens aren’t cluttered and daunting, it just works.

There is no preview for voice memos or videos just yet but, by all accounts, it may well run through those files in the next upgrade. So, if you have an iOS device and wish to keep all your data safe, solve your problem and put your mind at ease with this dynamic and simple piece of software.