How Smartphone Gaming is Getting Better Every Day

Current statistics suggest that eight out of ten smartphone owners use their phones to play games. In the US alone, there are just under 150 million smartphone players utilising the joys of small screen gaming, and you can expect to see that number continue to grow over the coming years. There’s a number of reasons that players all over the world are turning to smartphones for their gaming fix, and a further number of reasons why smartphone gaming is getting better every day; and trust me, it really is.

First off, smartphone games are cheap; some of them are even free. This means that a lot of people have access to them and a lot of people are playing them. When it comes to multiplayer online epics like Clash of Clans, the more people playing, the better the game experience is going to be for the players. Also, games are not locked to certain platforms like the console world, where Smash Bros. is wedded to Nintendo and Final Fantasy to the PS4. The vast majority of games are available and compatible with both iOS and Android, and that won’t be changing any time soon.

And while the hardware might be changing with new generations of iPhones and its ilk, developers can keep on updating and adapting their games with simple downloadable upgrades which modify the games to the newest hardware. This is another advantage that smartphone games have over their console counterparts, which can update to a certain degree, but are undoubtedly more constricted in that regard. So when we say smartphone gaming is getting better every day, we literally mean just that – the games are improving all the time.

Finally, the choice of games available on smartphones is something to behold. Whatever your taste in virtual recreation, you can be sure you’ll find an example of it for your smartphone. Because the smartphone platform is cheap to develop for, new games are added in to the mix every day; granted, some are more effective than others, but the point is that you’re spoiled for choice when you pick up your smartphone. If you like MMORPGs, the smartphone is leading the charge in that genre with a number of successful titles. If online gambling is your thing, you can roll that dice too, though desktop gambling still contains some of the best online casino sites and latest casino bonuses for you to take advantage of.

Whatever way you like to play, your smartphone is the gateway to a fulfilling gaming experience that, we  assure you, keeps on getting better everyday.


Patrick Ryan
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