MileWiz – Automatic Mileage Tracker & Digital Driver Log: App Review


MileWiz allows you to automatically track your mileage with every drive you make in your car either for business or personal reasons. This is done by some clever and sophisticated algorithms. Most other mileage trackers record the start and end point of your journey and sometime this can cause issues and discrepancies. With MileWiz the app records your entire travel journey, that way the HMRC or your employer cannot question you about the journey you’ve done.

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There probably couldn’t be any better way to keep track of your journey. If you drive a company car you can get your travel expenses reimburse easily with the help of MileWiz. The app records your trip and when you swipe left this puts it in the personal category and swipe right puts it in the business category. Of course drivers use gas, they have to pay for parking and every now and again go through tolls. All these expenses can be added and include in your monthly reports to your employer. If you have done two separate trips and you want to merge them then this is done by the pinch-in gesture.

MileWiz is pack with features, it allows you to create as many clients as you want, shows your entire journey on a map, configure working hours for automatic categorisation and many more. The ability to pause drive monitoring when needed is also a pretty cool option. MileWiz can keep running in the background and a minimal drain on your devices battery.

MileWiz has an intuitive interface so the app is quite pleasing to use on your iPhone or iPad. Sign up for a free SYNCbits account and this will keep your trips securely backed up in the cloud. It also allows you to see the trips on other devices when you log in.

MileWiz app is free to download and free for the first 20 drives you make in a month, that’s every month. If you do more journeys than that, then you can easily sign up for only £3.99 per month or £39.99 per year. I actually really do like MileWiz and it comes highly recommended.