Smart recording arrives on the App Store with Smart Recorder/transcriber app

Are you looking for a reliable recorder app that easily records notes at business meetings or captures college lectures as well as transcribe it within hours? Then newly updated Smart Recorder/transcriber app from Roe Mobile Development that as useful as it is elegantly executed is right for you. With this app users can not only record notes but transcribe it as well. Smart Recorder/Transcriber is currently available on the App Store in the Business category for Free.

smart-1 smart-2

The basic concept behind Smart Recorder/transcriber app is fairly easy to understand. Essentially, the app allows you to record notes and transcribe it with only a single touch of a button. Newly updated app features translation to French, German, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Japanese (Spanish, Korean and Italian translations already exist), support for the iPhone 6s force touch gestures, minor bugs fixes. This version also significantly improves the iPad user interface. Seriously, it’s just a single touch on the screen as app features simple and user friendly menu. Smart Recorder/transcriber app helps you record all your notes, memos, lecture recordings, or anything else you feel the need to record. App also offer transcription service that is available via in app purchase and cost $0.99 per minute. Usually it takes several hours to get results of your transcription.

Smart Recorder/transcriber app is a universal app, and it works amazing on the iPad, while maintaining full functionality on the iPhone as well. Additionally app offers Apple Watch App for iPhone. It’s nice to see an app that works equally well on all devices. All functions are controlled conveniently from informative app menu so users can start and pause their recordings, create list of recordings created, generate ringtones and much more. The universal note taking, recording and transcribing can be yours for Free. That’s a seriously super deal for all iOS shoppers. So the bottom line is this – go get Smart Recorder/transcriber app.