Air Printer – Manage, Share and Print your Documents fro Anywhere

There are a number of file management apps available on the AppStore but one that stands out for us is Air Printer by Pilcrow AG. When you think that you use your iPhone probably more than your computer on some days then it makes sense to have apps that just work effortlessly. Apps to make your life easier. That’s just what Air Printer does.

Air Printer is pack with a lot of options. Has the name suggest, you are able to print and share wirelessly. Not only that, but with Air Printer you can write, draw, edit and create new documents from your device where ever you are. I used Air Printer for less than a day and fell in love with it. I have an Apple TV and being able to see my PDF files on a larger screen is a bonus. I was even able to create new PDF with no major issues. I also converted webpages to PDF and that’s done within seconds of tapping convert. The app supports just about every file you can think of; txt, html, PDF, csv, MS office and many more. And yes image files such as png, jpg and gif are also supported so you can also edit images easily.


The options that you have with Air Printer seems endless, I will say it is the ultimate file manager app. If you are like me a run out of data often ever month then being able to convert Maps to PDF so you can use when you’re offline is a huge bonus. You are able to activate different cloud accounts you want to save your documents. At the time of writing this article there is support for Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, Google Drive, Sky Drive and box.

Air Printer interface is simply, clean and easy to use but at the same time consists of a lot features that make it useful in your day to day life. The app cost only $2.99 which is a small price to pay with what you get. Many file manager apps go for $5.99 upwards but Air Printer pack the punch and is a major competitor. You will have to try Air Printer for yourself to see what it offers.