Is Mobile Gaming Taking Over From Real-Life Experiences?

While the title of this article might seem a little hyperbolic, it’s a worthwhile debate. And though it might appear to be a bad thing, in some cases, it’s not. There are countless smartphone games available across the board, covering every subject or theme that people are likely to care about. A lot of these iterations have been done before in real life, but are now becoming far more popular in their smartphone incarnations. So, is mobile gaming taking over from real life experiences?

We can start by looking at some of the oldest games around, popular since time immemorial; gambling games. These have evolved throughout the years to the classic casino games we all know and love, but is the experience of visiting a real casino a thing of the past? The quality of games offered by apps such as Pala mobile casino is so good that hardened gamblers may find themselves never opting to return to real casino again. You get all the usual casino hallmarks in the palm of your hand (check out our article on how to get the most out of smartphone gambling).

Which is fine for casino games, and some may argue a better experience for the players. But we see the cons of this approach when we look at sports games like Pro Evo, which has a very successful gaming app available for smartphones. If kids would rather stay in and play football on their phone, the beautiful game will be worse off for that. Similarly, with something like chess, which is much better when played head to head, elements of the game will be lost if it transitions completely to a virtual arena.

The content of games is also somewhat concerning; because the majority of apps are made by outside developers, some of the questionable content often slip through the cracks. It’s good to see Apple is keeping tabs on exactly what is and what is not acceptable in their app game content, and hopefully these games are not examples of real-life experiences transposed to smartphone apps. All in all, the smartphone gaming industry is growing every day, but it would be wise to retain a sense of balance when we seek out and play these games.

Patrick Ryan
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