Wordveyor – Have Fun Solving Word Puzzle

Think you are good with words. Are you sure? Then why not put yourself to the test with Wordveyor. The app is based on solving word puzzles by choosing the right letter at the right time to form a word. Seem simple enough right, wrong. In the centre of your device screen there is a rotating wheel, you will need to place the letters in the right place. If not, then the letters just bounce back, not only that, if you don’t form the letters correctly to solve the word all the letters teleport back and you will have to start all over again.

You do have hints to help you solve the puzzles, you get 15 hints to start off with. Be careful because these can quickly run out if you don’t use them wisely. The game has 8 levels consisting of over 20 individual puzzles. Complete a puzzle earns you points, points and 3 stars is the most that can be earned on a level. There is also a daily challenge, solve that for the day and you earn one hint. The more hints you get, the better it is for you, because the further you progress through the levels, the more help you’re are going to need.

wordveyor-2 wordveyor-1

Patience and accuracy is key when playing Wordveyor. The wheel turns, once you get around to solving what the word is you have to place the letters in the right order. If you miss the order where the letter goes in, then you have to wait until the wheel comes around again for you not have another go. You don’t lose points if you place the letters incorrectly so I guess that’s a bonus. It can however become frustrating if you find it hard to solve the word. But like I said, patience is a must.

Wordveyor is fun, entertaining and definitely put your word skills to the test. There is a large number of levels to keep you going for days. It’s a great app to improve your word vocabulary. The game is simple to play, but there is a tutorial section just incase. Wordveyor is free to download. Once you’ve used up all the 15 hints you get when you download the app, then you will have to pay to get more. Wordveyor is great for a distraction on the train commute to work in the morning. It’s one of those games that is a must download.