Battle Of The Handsets: Samsung vs. iPhone

It’s a clash of the titans for the modern world.  Two of the biggest names in technology have recently released their latest weapons in a battle for global smartphone domination. As has been Steve Jobs’ remit since he started the company from his garage in 1984, Apple have a core group of elite fans that value the iPhone’s style and design as well as it’s functionality, as well as a huge pool of casual users across the American and European markets. Samsung dominate in other markets but also have more than their fair share of fans in the Western world.

Apple’s latest offering is the iPhone 6S, while Samsung have brought us the numerically syncopated Galaxy S6. While previous iterations of the Galaxy clearly paled in comparison to the iPhone’s minimalist, metal and glass design, the S6 really ups Samsung’s game in terms of aesthetic. Both these smartphones are sleek, smart designs which look modern and attractive and feel great to use. Both the interfaces are intuitive and engaging, making it easy for anyone new to the phones to navigate their way through the menus.

If you’re concerned about screensize, the Galaxy holds the edge with a significantly larger screen. This might be a make or break point for gamers looking to bust out a few rounds of Clash of Clans or a couple of games of bingo, both of which are incredibly popular games on smartphones (visit for online bingo). The Galaxy also doesn’t use the same LCD technology that Apple favours for its iPhone, resulting in perfect black levels and impressive contrast ratios in the S6. It also has genuine 2K resolution. If you’re picky about your display, it seems Samsung have pipped Apple to the post in this round.

When it comes to performance, it’s too close to call. The processors that each phone use are so impressive that they should be able to handle all manner of tasks, great and small. So between the 6S and the iPhone 6, it turns out there’s very little between the two companies. So what of the future? Both the iPhone 7 and the S7 are due this year – what can we expect from them? Both phones are set to be powerhouse products, and it looks like another one that’s too close to call. Whatever they turn out to be, you can be sure they’re going to find fans all over the world as the rivalry between Apple and Samsung rages on.

Patrick Ryan
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