World Chef – iPhone App Review

If, like us, you love cooking and enjoy rustling up many culinary delights, you might be interested in World Chef, an app which combines running a restaurant with playing a game that’s fun, easy and rewarding.

World Chef is one of those games that will have you salivating at the mouth. The kitchen is open 24 hours a day and the members of staff are always smiling – at least that’s the task you’ll have set before you.

You are not running some side alley kebab shop or take away joint, you are trying to run an upmarket and accomplished restaurant. Building your food empire is entirely down to you. You will make it as big as you want and the exterior and interior decorating is up to you.

world-chef-1 world-chef-2

The food you’ll serve is world cuisine; so, expect to be serving up delicious treats from all over the planet: Mexican, Indian, Thai noodle specialties, Chinese, Cantonese, Italian pizzeria dishes, Spanish paella, American burger treats and Cajun spice chicken – it’s all there and available for you to serve up to your hungry customers.

The restaurant you will create will be one of just humble beginnings. Every player will start somewhere and at the bottom is where you begin your quest to run the best restaurant in town. Each dish you serve up will increase the size of the restaurant and create a really impressive eatery right there on your iPhone.

The graphics are very good and are clearly designed by a clever artist. All the detail is very much embedded here – as it should be. The food is enough to actually make you feel hungry just looking at it, such is the clever detail in this game.

The restaurant you own in World Chef grows and advances in a way that has your stamp all over it. There is certainly a sense of achievement felt as you grow the eatery into a top class nosh joint. You can even invite VIP guests into your restaurant and turn up the class of the place.

World Chef combines the eloquence of gaming and running a restaurant into one app. When you start developing great recipes you can begin trading these with other top chefs. The detail of restaurant ownership is thought out very diligently in the game and we have little doubt the developers would have been budding restaurateurs themselves, most likely.