Kill Time Whilst Killing Soldiers: 3 Top Army Game Apps

Of all the games available for smartphones, one of the most popular genre to emerge over the past two years has been the MMO war game. Defying even the classic pull of the tried and tested casino games, where you can play for free or play for no deposit bingo at houseofbingo, the MMO brigade routinely find themselves in the top 10 most popular games, and also the top 10 most profitable. Nobody wants to go to war in real life, but it’s pretty fun to do so in the virtual arena; here are three of the best war-mongering games currently out there.

1 – Clash of Clans

Recently receiving some celebrity firepower courtesy of the bizarre familial pairing of Christoph Waltz and James Corden, Clash of Clans is one of the most consistently popular war game apps available. It is an online multiplayer game, or MMO game (massively multiplayer online game, which means thousands of people can play together at any one time), where players build a community and a battalion of troops to attack other players’ communities and defend their own. Since its release in 2012, the game has been phenomenonally successful for its developer Supercell, consistently placing in the top ten most popular games across Android and iOS.

2 – Mobile Strike

Another game to enlist the help of a famous face, in the latest mobile strike ads, Arnold Schwarzenegger severely proclaims, ‘the best defence is defence’. Mobile Strike plays similarly to Clash of Clans but in a modern warfare setting, the app has amassed millions of players since its release just at then end of last year. The developer Machine Zone has had previous success with Game of War: Fire Age, and this has set the precedent for Mobile Strike’s furiously addictive gameplay, combined with great graphics and sound.

3 – Game of War: Fire Age

The rival to Clash of Clans, cemented when both took the unprecedented step of releasing an ad during half time at last year’s Superbowl (also with a famous face, Kate Upton this time), a spot that would have cost both companies more than a pretty penny. The predecessor to Machine Zone’s Mobile Strike but still a blazingly successful game in its own right, Game of War: Fire Age contains a similar mechanic to Clash of Clans but puts an emphasis on players forming alliances with other players. In 2014, the developers have spent upwards of $40 million marketing the game, and their investment has seen good return; their reported revenue for that year alone totalled $600 million, with the game continuing to remain popular throughout 2015.

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