4 Gaming Apps You’ll Complete By 2017

It’s the start of the new year, so some of you must be casting ’round for new games to become addicted to in 2017. While the MMOs are undoubtedly fun and free casino games can provide endless distractions, sometimes you just want a sense of completion. The best place to look for that? RPGs, especially of the Japanese variety. Here’s a rundown of four engaging offerings that you’ll probably complete this year (just about, in a few cases).

1 – Facility 47

A mystery game with sumptuous graphics and an intriguing atmosphere, Facility 47 puts you in the shoes of a scientist who wakes up in a freezing bunker laboratory with no real memory of how he got there. You have to unravel the secrets of what exactly is going on the post-apocalyptic-esque world, and exactly what impact the events have had on you…or vice versa. Facility 47 is an addictive, whip-smart puzzler, but also incredibly challenging in just the right amounts; it deserves a massive audience.

2 – Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy is the king of JRPGs, with many classic games to its name, ranging from the epic Final Fantasy VII to the handheld resurgence of FF III. FF VI is a little pricey, but remains one of the best transitions to iOS and Android; the game contains hours upon hours of engaging gameplay and quests with a class of colourful characters who power up as you progress. The graphics are amazing, the score (by Nobuo Uematsu) is sublime, and overall the game is as good in this incarnations as it was when it was first released twenty years ago in 1994.

3 – Shadowrun: Dragonfall

A cyberpunk odyssey RPG featuring cyborg elves and magic-wielding multinational corporations, Shadowrun: Dragonfall is set in 2054 and features an engaging story and truly breathtaking graphics. An old school shoot-’em-up RPG, the game has been popular amongst fans of the genre and is sure to keep you hammering away at the enemy hordes for months.

4 – Oceanhorn

While it seems unlikely that we’re going to get a Zelda game for iOS or Android in the near future, Oceanborn comes close to capturing the spirit of Nintendo’s classic series. A coming-of-age story set in the world of the Uncharted Seas, players take control of a young lad investigating his father’s mysterious disappearance, running into more than a few monsters and beasties along the way. Not as heavy on the RPG aspects as some of the others on this list, Oceanhorn still manages to charm through its gorgeous graphics and simple, addictive gameplay.

Patrick Ryan
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