The Best iPhone Apps to Get your News Fix

There are many events that happen all over the world at any time of day and with an unlocked iPhone you can now keep up with the news easier than ever. However, there are many different news source apps to choose from.
The internet has changed the way that news is created, the way it travels and how quickly it travels. If you are an avid news reader, then review these iPhone apps and find what best suits you. To find more, visit the App Store.

1. Flipboard– Use this app to create the magazine of your choice. Sift through different news publications and save the ones you like best. Incorporate social media and decide which accounts you want to connect and choose from multiple categories.

2. Circa– This app doesn’t circulate articles from other news sources, but they have their own in-house journalists recreating the news stories as original pieces, but into smaller, easy-to-read articles. Read through current events and hot news stories with ease.

3. Pulse– Similar to Flipboard, you can get your news from multiple sources. Choose the news that interests you from a variety of categories. It’s a clean typeface and easy to sift through.

4. Digg– With this app you can view articles as a webpage or through the mobile view that has been reformatted to fit Digg’s clean uniform. After organising your favourites, use the side bar to see all of your custom feeds and lists. With the side bar, you can also add new sources and safe articles you’d like to read later.

5. Pocket– Use Pocket to save articles you would like to read later. Whenever you come across an article you find interesting, whether it’s from an email, tweet, Facebook or anywhere from the web, save it to Pocket without interrupting your current task.

Installing these apps on your iPhone will allow you to keep up with the news around the world. Like, share and save for later. Create lists depending on your preference and flip through the news with ease.