Drawing Box Pro Ultimate App for Designing on your iPhone or iPad

Grab your Apple pencil and iPad Pro because it’s time to doing some sketching, a bit of painting and designing, right from the device. Drawing Box Pro is the ultimate artist tool, with some amazing brushing effects that makes it feel like the work you produce is jumping out of your device. The app is great for learning, teaching and sharing what work you’ve done. Bring out your inner artist and create something spectacular.

The app works prefect on the iPad Pro, and with the Apple pencil, it now means you are able to work effortlessly. With over 340 levels of colour density you have got more to work with. Drawing with the Apple pencil will give you more accuracy than with your finger tips. Drawing Box Pro just seems to be made for the Apple pencil and goes well hand in hand. The app is a drawing tool and of course it has the essential tools, pencil, eraser, brush, canvas and colour palettes.

drawing-2 drawing-1

The developers have recently updated the app to fully enhance your experience with the Apple pencil. It works amazingly fast and your work just flows. There are a number of features, one of my favourite is the video replay of your painting which will show up the steps you took to complete it. Drawing Box Pro is pack with a lot of features, some listed below:

  • Pressure sensitivity control (compatible with the new Apple Pencil)

  •  Multi-layers options: duplication, merge down 2 layers, opacity control, layer transition and edition, fill layers with imported pictures from your device library, camera or the application gallery.

  • Canvas: rich textures and colors.

  • Multiple undos and redos for a faster work edition.

  •  The gallery artwork is organized by blocks of unlimited number of pages. You can almost create a digital book inside the app, then export it as pdf files.

  • Video replay and sharing of your artworks.

  •  Paintings can be mixed and duplicated into several blocks.

The iPad Pro seems to be the device for a lot of artist nowadays, partly because of the large screen and amazing drawing apps like Drawing Box Pro that you can pick up for free. You can draw, sketch, paint and create some really cool designs.