Dittor – Live Whisper Feed from a Twin Stranger

Dittor is a social networking site with a difference. It’s free, anonymous, allows others to share thoughts and projects one’s dreams and aspirations. Yours included. Only the difference here is nobody knows it’s you that has that deepest, darkest and most private thought.

How many times have you gone onto Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and been held back about putting down your most intimate and private feelings? In all honestly, we tend to stick to what is safe; after all, if someone feels we have put something inappropriate or politically awkward, we end up in a trolling online battle – a fight we don’t really want to be in and one which can lose us friends hand over fist.

dittor-1 dittor-2

Dittor is a social networking service where you can shout out loud your thoughts and feelings and yet remain anonymous. There are a number of things we learned when using private and anonymous social networking sites like Dittor – and they are that you are never alone with your thoughts and there are thousands of others who share your feelings.

We found that certain political feelings and other stuff you’d normally keep private is shared and agreed by many others. You would never believe it when you go on Facebook or Twitter as these platforms hold people back. The main players seem to have us playing it safe and showing the world and his wife what we ate for lunch or a nice picture of our cat; Dittor is not a social networking site where pictures of your cat or dog will probably be appreciated.

Dittor can let you interact with posts you find interesting. It could be from anyone, anywhere in the world – you will only know from asking, but don’t expect to get an answer every time. As any social networking site does so well, Dittor will let you meet and chat with new friends. There is certainly something retro about this app, almost like a throwback to the good old days when we chatted freely on chat forums like AOL and MSN.

There is another part of the site which allows you to post an intimate thought, complete with endearing backdrop of a lake with gentle mist rolling over the water or similar, and then sit back and wait for other Dittor users to encourage, guide or respond accordingly. Worth a try.