6 iPhone Games to Help you Celebrate Chinese New Year

February 8th will be the day the Chinese celebrate their new year. This year it will be the year of the monkey. There’s a lot of do’s and don’ts that the Chinese people will let you know but grabbing these games to help you celebrate the year is a must do.

Vainglory (Free)

vainglory-2 vainglory-1

Outplay real opponents in this deep, uncompromising real-time MOBA. Fight with lightning-fast controls using powerful heroes. Destroy the enemy Vain crystal and claim glory! Watch the preview video now to see actual gameplay of 3-vs-3 multiplayer battles.

Starlit Adventures (Free)

starlit-1 starlit-2

Become the uncanny legend you were meant to be throughout the floating islands, upper world, and lower lands! Help Bo and Kikki the Starlit find and return the stars that Nuru has stolen from the sky and from the Star Keepers. Go on epic adventures that will have you explore fantastic worlds, fight nightmarish monsters, collect dazzling gems and mystical cards, and solve brain-teasing puzzles using an array of special suits!

Land Sliders (Free)

sliders-2 slider-1

All dreams are fulfilled in Land Sliders, an addictive casual game with wild characters swiping their favourite swag for high score and glory! Hungry for delicious burgers?Want to pick up cows with your UFO? Does the Tooth Fairy really exist?

Shooty Skies – Endless Arcade Flyer (Free)

shooty-2 shooty-1

The creators of Crossy Road present Shooty Skies! Shoot, dodge, duck, goose and weave. Take to the skies!

Snapimals: Discover and Snap Amazing Animals (Free)

snapimals-1 snapimals-2

Discover incredible animals, take pictures, and build the greatest museum on earth! Join The Captain and venture to the ends of the world to photograph the rarest, funniest, and wildest animals ever spotted!
* EXPLORE distant exotic lands
* SNAP pictures of amazing animals
* BUILD the greatest museum on earth

Forest Home (Free)

forest-1 forest-2

Something’s gone wrong in the forest! All the animals are lost, and only you can guide them home. Draw colorful paths that grow right beneath your finger to lead the forest critters to safety. Avoid obstacles, navigate bridges, and collect food in this cute but challenging puzzler. Just watch out for the mischievous goblin! But brain-bending puzzles are just the start of the fun in Forest Home. There is a host of collectables and achievements to unlock, and with full social media and Game Center integration, you can share the fun with your friends. Compare progress, help them out with tricky puzzles, or take to the leader boards to prove who is the Forest Home master!