Updown Fitness a Personal Trainer in your Pocket

The Updown fitness app is an app that can serve as your personal trainer that you take along with you anywhere you go. This app is suitable for both the athletes that are beginning and those that advanced. The app is filled with features that provide you with the services of a real personal trainer. The app is flexible as you are able to personalize the app to meet your exact needs.

When you download the Updown fitness app, the first thing you need to do is to register. The next thing you need to do is for you to enter some basic information about you for the app to start building your profile. This helps the app to offer you the best options that suits you.

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After you have provided the required information, you are expected to choose from the five different categories which will be presented for you on the screen. The five categories are: Cardio, Core, Cross, Strength and Stretch.

You select one and fill in the options that are presented based on what you are interested in. When you select the Stretch category for instance, the Updown fitness app will seek to know whether you desire a full body stretch or you just want to stretch certain areas in your body like the upper body or the lower body or the app will just ask about more specific parts like your back, neck, or forearms.

After you are done with the selections, the next thing you need is to select the exact location you will be performing your workout and the time you wish the workout will last and also to ascertain the workout intensity. The moment you are done with this step, you tap on “Go” at the bottom of the screen and the Updown fitness app will do its magic. Press Play and follow the guided steps to complete your workout. The app allows you to view an animation in order to analyze how you should perform the exercise.

The app is easy to use but the only downside in the app is there is a lot of information that is displayed on the screen. You will have to read this information carefully in order to choose what you need and to ignore what you don’t need. The app also let you try out things as a guest, so that you don’t have to commit yourself immediately.

In a nutshell, the Updown fitness app is an app that serves as your personal trainer that you always have in your pocket. It is a smart app as you can never get bored with it because it has 1,500 exercises of which user of this app will have to choose from.