Head out on a match three adventure in the Candy Kingdom with Jelly Blast

Fan of match three puzzlers? Well, Jelly Blast, the hit iOS and Android game that launched in 2015, is worth checking out.

In Jelly Blast, you’ll head out on a wonderful adventure in the Candy Kingdom with your friends Lily, Mr. Hare, and Mr. Rabbit. On the way, there are a variety of fun sweet-inspired locations to visit.

Of course, the main bulk of the game is the hundreds of challenging match three puzzling levels to work your way through and the best part is, more get added each week so you’re unlikely to run out any time soon.

If you’ve played a match three puzzler before, you’ll be very comfortable with the mechanics. That is except for the boosters – these give you a helping hand in the hardest levels in the game – and the treats you unlock when you complete a level.

There are also a bunch of leaderboards which will thrill you high score chasers. Here you can battle with your friends for a top spot.

Your progress in Jelly Blast is saved across multiple devices, so, as long as you’re connected to the internet, you can carry on your progress on any device.

Jelly Blast is out right now for free in the App Store or Google Play.


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