Siri Lets Anyone Send a Text Message Bypass Your iPhone’s Passcode Lock screen, Major Flaw in iOS 9.0.2

It’s not the first time Siri have cause a major flaw in iOS. In iOS 8 it was discovered that a bug was present that allows anyone who got hold of your iPhone to activate Siri from the password lock home screen and they would then be able to post to your Facebook page, look at call history and read your Notes. No passcode necessary. Check out the video:

Now it seems the bug is back, and this time it’s in iOS 9.0.2. I found this out yesterday. When my iPhone was password protected, I was able to activate Siri from my lock screen, send a Text message and also make a phone call to anyone I wanted to in my contact list. This to me is a massive flaw. Imagine someone getting hold of your iPhone, they could do some huge damage.

There is a way to stop your friends from sending out an embarrassing text or making a few prank calls using your iPhone. In Settings, you have to go to “Touch ID & Passcode,” and take away Siri’s ability to welcome strangers by turning off her “access when locked.”


Siri have been available for a while now and surely this is something Apple should picked up on and clear up. What do you think, a feature or a massive flaw?