S.E.D: Special Enquiry Detail – Review

G5 Entertainment has entered the evidentiary games space with their new S.E.D. (Special Enquiry Detail) game. This is a combination logic game, with fun hidden item and other mini puzzles modelled after crime scene investigations set in New York City. The game has many level, with each level being a new case or crime for the player to survive. This game first hit the market the middle of December last year, and has had a minor update adding more levels for those players who have been able to complete the starting set of levels.

s.e.d-1 s.e.d-2

S.E.D. has two main investigators to help you with the case: Detectives Turino and Lamonte and they have a fun repartee, although the game will often tell you they are not “intimately” involved. As I only played a few levels, I am not sure if they fact becomes a part of the game in later levels, but I will continue to find out. The game starts with a crime and after solving puzzles it will give you the information you need to “arrest” someone in the game. Each level is a new crime, and the intent is to hit maximum stars and you will need these stars acquire resources to continue play. But, If you don’t want to wait too long or replay levels to acquire the stars, then you can spend real money to buy the resources. You are also seeking money and badges and these come into play as you need to find more clues to help with each case.

I liked this game, its straight forward, and if you get struck you can use the hint function, or go back to the message board to help guide you around the play. I wish there were more extensive puzzles. It’s the puzzles which make people continue with any game. Some of the hidden puzzles are short, and only contain a few items; why not make them more complicated with more items, helping the player to generate more stars. The story of the case is important, but as a player the puzzles are the main reason for the play. There are times when the game is plodding and you will need some patiences as you have to go at the games pace and the direction the game is sending you in. You can’t take a short cut to get to the ending, and you want to achieve all the stars, so settle in and follow the clues.