The fast growth of mobile applications will be revolutionizing almost all daily activities

Number of mobile applications for smartphone is rising rapidly along with the growth of sales and consumers of gadgets and smartphones. According to the data collected, the mobile application has been experiencing rapid growth, even the most rapid increase occurred in 2013, where the increase reached 15%!

Improvement does not happen only in the number of applications, but also in the application category. The most noticeable improvement lies on the number of applications related to messaging and social media, reached up to 203%. While the increase in the utility aspect has reached 149 percent.

In addition to improvement in the number and utilities, a decline also occurred in the number of game applications. It seems that a growing number of game applications has reached its saturation point, except in certain games, such as gambling games. As evidence, best casino app in Australia has experienced a surge of consumers in a very short time.

The number of applications in the field of music, entertainment, and shopping has increased by 78%, a striking increase occurred in the Southeast Asia region. In general, the average growth has reached 115%.

US-based technology research institute, Gartner, released the latest findings on the characteristics of smartphone app users. According to the agency, smartphone users today are smarter than the applications they use. In using applications, they are not only downloading, but also finding out what the value (benefit) can be provided by the applications.

This phenomenon can be interpreted that smartphone users have lost their interest in using too many applications. They are still eager to use and find all the information about new applications and what can be done by the applications to support their daily activities. In other words, now, application developers need to also convince users about the value of using their app. According to Gartner, fitness apps can be a real example in this phenomenon. Through some research, it found that fitness apps so far have been installed by only 23 percent of smartphone users in the United States.

This phenomenon shows that today’s users tend to use only the applications that they can use everyday. One thing we must realize is that the growth of the digital world also has a positive impact to encourage the growth of the digital economy. The growth of digital-based economy also cannot be separated from the tremendous growth of the use of mobile applications.

Development of the use of mobile applications around the world is supported by technological developments. Several other supporting factors are the continuing emergence of the latest trends, the growth of e-commerce businesses, as well as facilities to support the security of transactions.

It has been predicted that the growth of mobile applications in 2016 may reach 45%. It can provide great benefits to the improved performance of e-commerce industry. With the development of mobile applications, providers of goods and services will have the ability to detect a more focused market segmentation that is expected or can be used to increase the number of sale and transactions. In other words, the growth of mobile applications will cause a revolution in almost all daily activities.