Alto Invoicing – Cloud Invoicing

Alto Invoicing is a cloud based subscription service app which is the perfect tool for the busy small business person. The app is minimalistic and clean in its look and offers a surprisingly strong tool for those looking for a simple way of maintaining paperwork of time billing, estimates and invoicing.

Alto Invoicing needs the user to set up an account, which will allow the user to try the app out, to make sure it is a good fit. You will be allowed to freely create five invoices. Then, you will have to t subscribe to their cloud service allowing readily available billing information. I used both the estimation and the final invoicing set up and found it to be very easy, user friendly and the future ability to set up template to save me even more time in the long run. The setup is quick and easy: creating customers, application of taxes and you have the ability to make future reference notes.


Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 5.44.17 PM


I particularly liked the “time billed” component. This would be extremely beneficial to all those service people who need a way of tracking their hours to submit a final bill to their clients or customers. The handy timer is interesting, although more people work on quarter hour increments for billing and a stop watch is maybe little too much. We all have interruptions in our day which we adjust for in our billing, but it is there for the use.

Alto Invoicing has a quick payment set up also already built into the app, so you will be notified if the clients has remitted payment. However, most people who would use this type of system for billing would be considered small business and still accepting cash or checks. But, the linking into Paypal and other services, with their high services charges, still give the business owner a little flexible in payments.

Now, this is not an accounting system. There is still the need to print the invoice and process for a double entry accounting system, but this is a very good tool. The multi-device syncing function will give the small business person the ability to always have their invoicing history and outstanding bills readily at their fingertips.