Colour Temperature – Your Lighting Assistant

Colour Temperature is the lighting app from New Zealand’s Depond Company.  This is one of those quirky apps which falls in the category of you didn’t know there was an app for that. The app is basically giving you the “colour” of the LED light, based on the CCT rating for LED lights.

“Correlated colour temperature (CCT) is a measure of light source colour appearance defined by the proximity of the light source’s chromaticity coordinates to the blackbody locus, as a single number rather than the two required to specify a chromaticity. Practical light sources of different SPD but identical chromaticities will also have identical CCTs.” Quoted from: Lighting Research Centre

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 6.02.21 PM

Basically the app allows you to see the colour of the light will be, based on the information provided to you by the manufacture, making sure the light is giving you the feeling you are seeking in your room. I took the app to the store and matched the colour to the CCT rating on the back and was surprised to see the actual colour of the light. Now in the store, you are subjected to other conflicting lighting sources, so I recommend you take a

The sliding bar is interesting to see the range of the available CCT spectrum, but for the purpose of shopping, I would think a keypad for entering the CCT rating would be easy then trying to match the numbers precisely. I found my fingers, which have very good dexterity, still struggled to get the number exact. All the lighting information was in whole numbers, like 3000 to 5000 CCT, so why not make it easy for the app user to hit those appropriate numbers. I could see lighting design professionals using this app as a tool in helping to explain to customers what a specific light might look like.

The most humorous part of this Colour Temperature App is probably the icon. I would hope the developer would reassess it’s icon and change it slightly. When you are looking at large drawings of things, they don’t always translate to the small screen.