iPlum, An app which bears fruit

Do you travel abroad? Or how about if you want to sell something online but don’t want to put your phone number out there for the world to see? iPlum is a cool little app giving you the ability to have a US phone number for the little price of $1.00 a month. The principle of iPlum isn’t too different then the other VoIP we are already familiar with. The system is very easy to use and will become a permanent fixture on your iPhone.

iplum-1 iplum-2

I travel. I am in the United States for extended periods of time, and rather than switching over to a sim card from a US carrier, I simply use the phone number assigned from iPlum and buy their small packages of calling credits for external phone calls. If you are contacting someone in your iPlum system then the SMS and phone call  is free. If you do have to make an external call the cost is pennies per minute. iPlum is also a neat way of turning your iPad into a calling device. The quality of a call over WIFI is pretty good, but it’s also dependant on your system. I have a pretty powerful wifi system so I am pleased with the reception I get when making a call.

iPlum’s interface is easy to navigate and the app is quite useful. But I don’t think most people will be too concerned about the look of the app as long as the product works well for their needs. iPlum is a great little app for anyone looking for a way to reduce their expenses, and I am sure there is some cool upgrades to come in the next update.