Dragon Land is a fun 3D platformer out right now on iOS and Android

Social Point has just released Dragon Land on iOS and Android, a 3D platformer that challenges you, as a cute dragon, to rescue your captured friends from the evil Borg.

That involves mostly running, jumping, defeating enemies, and collecting items like coins, crystals, and secret keys in over a hundred levels.

Every time you complete an episode you’ll rescue one of your dragon friends who’ll then be unlocked as a playable character. Each dragon has its own unique abilities like gliding or climbing walls and they can be essential to progressing in certain levels. You can also increase the power of their abilities by levelling them up.

dragon-land-5 dragon-land-4

Aside from the hefty single player campaign there’s a burst-fire quick play mode which challenges you to collect as many coins as possible while avoiding a pursuing ghost, and you’ll earn rewards based on how many coins you collect.

There’s also multiplayer in the form of a tournament. Here you’ll race against three other dragons through a level, using your abilities to try and get to the finish line first. It’s ranked and you’ll pick up better prizes if you perform well.

If Dragon Land sounds tempting, you can get it right now for free.

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