Batman V Superman Due in Cinemas March 25, We Want a Great App to Compliment a Brilliant Movie

The highly anticipated movie is due to hit the cinemas March 25, 2016. Since it was announced a couple of years ago that the movie will be made, I just couldn’t contain my excitement. Now it’s a matter of days away before it hit the big screen. By now, I thought we would see some great apps from the DC comics studio. I trawl the App Store and the only one I’ve managed to find is Batman v Superman: Who Will Win.

To be honest with you, I am a little bit disappointed. I was expecting to get an app with some amazing graphics, great action and enough gameplay to last me until the movie release. But all we got is a 3 lane runner that seems to have some kind of glitch. The app is not so much of a versus game, it’s just one of those free runners that seems to go no where. It’s not a massive disappointment, It’s just that I was really hoping for something spectacular.

So I am wondering, are we going to see a proper app before the Batman vs Superman movie release in cinemas? In the meantime I guess we have to enjoy the trailer.