5 Adult Colouring Book Apps to Replace An Actual Colouring Book

If you head to your local book store you will noticed that there are more and more adult colouring books on the shelves. The books are becoming increasingly popular particularly because they are supposed to relieved stress. According to reports the sales of adult colouring books have jumped from a million books in 2014 to 12 million in 2015. This is set to be even more in 2016.

People are always looking for alternatives, so we have put together 5 apps that could replace the physical colouring book. The apps are all free to download but includes in-app purchase to expand your use. The major difference between an actual colouring book and these apps are, with the app you tap to add the colour you choose. With a colouring book you actually do some colouring. Check them out below.

colour-1Adult Coloring Books – Anti Stress Colouring Pages & Anxiety Relief Pictures with Cats & Mandala for AdultsFREE: This one is quite colourful and have 9 categories which includes people, birds, nature, cats just to name a few. The only section you get free is cats, which includes about 8 pictures which you will quickly go through. To unlock the full version of the app will cost you £2.29. Cheaper than a colouring book. There is a large selection of colours in this app.


colour-2Color Therapy – Free Stress Relieving Coloring Books for AdultsFREE: This one consists of 10 design to choose from. Animals, Art, people, mandalas, pattern typography, The sign, Goth, Florals/trees and Spooky. You are able to play your music whilst using the app which is a good touch. There is a large selection of colours available to use. Like all the other apps in this category, you have in-app purchase to remove ads, add frames, add 600 more colours and 400 gradients.


colour-3Adult Coloring Book Premium – Free Fun Games for Stress Relieving Color TherapyFREE: This app offers a bit more images to work with. There are only 7 design sections but each section contains a number of different pieces to colour in. You do have a number of colours to choose from. We get a trend with these apps, they include in-app purchases and to get the premium app will cost you £5.99.


colour-4Recolor – Coloring Book For AdultsFREE: Have your colouring books always with you, on your mobile. Recolour features over 500 unique colouring pictures proven to help you rest your mind. Organised into themed chapters, with range in complexity from beginner to expert-level, the pictures feature Mandalas, Animals, Bouquets, Ornates, Lowpolys, Mortes and much more. Finish your creation with unique style themes that bring your design and creativity to life. The fresh and harmonic colour palettes are designed for stress relieving colouring! Recolour offers an opportunity to channel the anxiety into satisfying, creative accomplishment and is the perfect way step back from the stress of everyday life. Unlock the full version for £2.29.

colour-5Adult Coloring Book PatternFREE: We have actually found one that doesn’t include any in-app purchases and need to unlock a premium version. It offers a 33 different images to colour. There are a few downfalls with this app. You will have to do your colouring in one sitting, you can come back to where you left off if you exit the app and there is also ads that pops up randomly, which I am not a big fan of. If you do have the time then you can have a go at it.