2016: The beginning of the progress age for mobile gambling

More often than not, virtual gamblers are seeking to switch from traditional devices to phones and tabs to enjoy their favourite casino games seamlessly.

Now that the new revolutionary tech advancements have entered the industry, gamblers have the opportunity to enjoy the gambling activities of their choice in several ways, and, as people these days prefer smartphones and tablet computers to other devices for a variety of ends, including entertaining, it would only be logical to assume virtual gambling is on its way to becoming more mobile-oriented, too.

Actually, the very dawn of the online gambling era which occurred some two decades ago implied this new form of the traditional kind of entertainment fancied by hundreds of millions of people all over the world was going to make it far more accessible for users, with the possibility to play casino games using a mobile device while you’re away from your laptop or desktop machine, actually, very handy, too. Five years ago, mobile gambling made up just 7% of all the virtual casino gaming done, but in just a few years, the 20% rate was exceeded. The chances are high already within the following month’s mobile gamblers will help operators generate over 50% of the total turnover (with a slight decline expected afterwards), resulting in a dazzling $100 billion total income in 2016.

Statistically, every single U.S. resident owns more than one mobile device, which, essentially, means that, more often than not, people simply do not discard their old smartphones and tablets when buying a new one, but rather keep them. On the other hand, newer devices and advanced technologies enable owners to use the Internet at considerably faster speeds compared to what we were offered by providers just a couple of years ago. Meanwhile, the screens of our devices grew bigger, too, letting us take full advantage of their performance and capabilities.

Also, by now, wi-fi access points and mobile Internet have become far more widespread in towns, cities, and other populated areas, with virtual gamblers now able to access their favourite online casinos using mobile devices and start gaming within in a matter of seconds. Reportedly, over a third of the British gamblers play casino games online on their way to work, while 27% and 23% of them do so in their workplace and when visiting toilets and washrooms, respectively. In actual fact, mobile casinos offer the same range of options and gaming possibilities that their customers would get in a desktop version, including making fund deposits and withdrawals of winnings. The option to deposit via your phone bill comes as an extra.

Despite the market of mobile gambling becoming diversified and growing that increasingly popular with every passing day, there are at least a couple of factors that are of direct relevance to further expansion of this developing area. Among them are the actual countries and places of residences of players, the exact content developers that a certain gambling portal has got their games from, the kind of platform (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile etc.) their device is powered, and lots of other important things. The markets in the U.S., Europe, and Asia are quite different in the sense you’re more likely to find a mobile version of a virtual casino based in the two latter regions, with the American legal environment being too strict for the gambling industry to develop more or less seamlessly.

These days, there is great lot of brands in the market that can boast a mobile version (or stand-alone apps for owners of mobile devices running on a specific app, including, in addition to the ones mentioned above, also Blackberry) of their casino website, with hundreds of virtual slot machines and various classical casino games being available in their ranges, and many of such mobile casinos, like 888 Casino, big kahuna slot, BitCasino.io, and a selection of others, are really worth your attention.

In the longer term, mobile gambling is hardly going to disappear anywhere, as it has got almost everything it takes to revolutionize virtual gambling in its traditional understanding by making it more advanced, easily accessible, and, no less importantly, user-friendly.