5 Twitter Client Apps To Celebrate Twitters 10th Birthday

So Twitter is 10 today, happy birthday. Ten years ago co-founder Jack Dorsey sent the first ever Tweet. Over the years Twitter have grown be be a strong social media platform. There are now 320 million users on Twitter sending a massive 500 million Tweets a day. A lot of major evens happened on Twitter. From the Royals to NASA just about everyone has a Twitter account. The major cause of why so many Tweets can be publish is users find it much easier do them through Twitter client apps. It’s much easier to send Tweets from your device. We have put together 5 Twitter client apps to wish Twitter Happy Birthday.

twitterTwitter – FREE:  This is the official Twitter app developed by the company. It’s easy to use and allow push notifications so you won’t miss the important stuff. It’s also available on the Apple Watch. “Tweet, Retweet, reply and favourite in a flash. Quickly see recent Tweets and top trends. Share your location, a song, or your thoughts with a flick on the wrist. It’s Twitter, but littler. Twitter is a free app that lets you connect with people, express yourself, and discover more about all the things you love.”

tweetbotTweetbot 4 – £7.99: This is the most expensive from our list but probably the most advance in-terms of features and usability. “Tweetbot is a wonderful Twitter client that’s powerful and a joy to use. Sync your timeline across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac (Tweetbot for Mac also available in the Mac App Store). Mute tweets by users, hashtags, tweet sources, or keywords (including regex). 3rd Party support for image, video, read later, and timeline sync services. Tweetbot also has all the features you’d expect in a full-featured Twitter client like lists and direct messages, and others you wouldn’t like the statistics view, a night theme for low-light reading, and much more.”

twitterrificTwitterrific 5 – FREE: Another one that is free to download but unfortunately you will have to pay to remove ads, get Tweet translation and even to have push notifications The app allows you to get everything for £3.99 not bad compare to Tweetbot 4 but still not as good as the official Twitter app. Twitterrific also supports Apple Watch. “Browse both mentions and direct messages directly from your home timeline. Customize fonts, avatar sizes, image thumbnails and more via the theme panel. Quickly respond to tweets, change accounts or view conversation threads with minimum of effort using gestures. Rich media support including multiple images & Twitter animated GIFs. Robust VoiceOver support means Twitterrific is accessible for users with vision impairments.”

tweetcasterTweetCaster – FREE: This on is also free to download but it too offers in-app purchase to offer “Love effects Pack” and upgrade to PRO for £3.99. It too pack features that all users will find useful and let you enjoy using Twitter. ” TweetCaster features a clean, attractive interface that users love, plus it’s lightning fast. And TweetCaster has the BEST features–some expected, some unexpected–that make your Twitter experience better. Want to simultaneously post to Facebook and Twitter? It’s there! Want to manage more than one Twitter Account? No problem! Want to share the music you’re listening to? Simple! Want to hide annoying Tweets without unfollowing? Done!

echofonEchofon – FREE: Yes it’s free to download but, you guessed it, you will have to pay £3.99 to go PRO. “Lightning Fast. Super Powerful. Simple to Use. Echofon is wrapped in a beautiful, clean interface that delivers a punch featuring Twitter Site Streams, real-time Push Notifications and powerful extras to enable you to manage your busy social media life on Twitter.”