IronWire: The Cable That Will Probably Live Longer Than You

Cables are always breaking on me. Whether it’s the iPhone charger, the laptop charger, guitar leads or headphone cords, I can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to cables. I had a rabbit that was hugely fond of chewing through anything long, rubbery and inanimate, and more than a few inherently convenient cables fell victim to his oversized teeth. He’s long dead now (from natural causes I might stress, not because he chewed up one cable too many), but the problem remains. If only I had travelled forward in time and grabbed myself an IronWire by Echo, the indie company who’ve had enough of flimsy cables and have decided to do something about it.

Released late last year on the back of a staggeringly successful Indiegogo campaign, which saw the team at Echo raise a gargantuan $151,546 (almost 200% of their intended goal), the market for the IronWire was clearly in place. Originally, the cable started life as a standard USB to iPhone 5 cable, but the gang have since branched out significantly, by first offering variants for Android and the new Macbook, and then creating a second crowdfunding campaign (this time on Kickstarter, still ongoing). This new project will see them introduce Lightning, Micro-USB and USB-C variants into their range, bringing eight new cables to the table.

All the IronWire cables are certified and approved by somebody or other and yes, that’s all important and we’re glad some people in suits gave it the stamp of approval. Smartly however, the lads at Echo chose not to focus on that side of things, instead coming up with a series of clever marketing videos, which demonstrated the strength of their product. The most successful one of these showed an IronWire cable literally towing a car, while another pitted the cable against the a World Powerlifting Champion, where it came out on top. In addition to the cable evidently being unbreakable, it’s also tangle-free AND comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you’re sick of your Apple cables giving up the ghost on you, you’d do well to check out the IronWire cable. It’s multi-use function should also come in handy if your car happens to break down and the AA man forgot his towing cord. That’s a joke, Echo don’t actually advise using it as a car tow. But it’s nice to know you could if you really needed to.

You can check out the new IronWire Kickstarter here!

Patrick Ryan
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