NC – Twitter Widget for Notification Center


NC Twitter Widget for Notification Center  is an app which is supposed to make it easy for you to visit your twitter feed even if your device is locked. You attach your twitter account to your notification centre drop down, which will allow you to access twitter from anyplace on your device. The app is simple in its function, and has a nice clean look. The delay for your twitter feed is only about 12 second delay, which is pretty good.    I love twitter, it’s a social media platform which is instant and fluid, and with the 12 second delay you are still in the know. I would like to see this app have the ability to scroll through the feed, right now it’s giving you a snapshot of five tweets. You can simply close and reengage the widget to pick up another five tweets.  If  you do happen to capture an interesting tweet within the five frame snapshot you do have the ability to retweet or like, and if you wanted to do anything more with the tweet the widget will  redirected back to your twitter app.

nc-1 nc-2

The price of NC Twitter Widget is approximately the same as a meal at a fast food outlet and in the app world, making NC an expensive app. For the price NC should give the user more versatility and function. I think the developer should reduce the price. At the higher price the developer is maybe not getting a wide base of users. There is so many things this little app could do to benefit the twitter fanatic. I would like to see the app allow to search on a hashtag, or perhaps allow me to quickly manage my followers. This app has great potential, it just needs a little tweaking. iOS 9 allows for the shifting between pages, and I think this might be a cool feature to implement in NC.

The other weird thing about this app is the icon. Icons are the gateway to the app, but this icon only opens up to give you the set up instructions. Once you follow the instructions and the widget is attached to your twitter feed, it’s basically done and then the icon and app just sets on your desktop. I now have an app icon which does nothing for me. I would like to see the developer maybe implement some of the features twitter users want into the app via the icon. Then the widget can would work in the “locked” mode, but offer the user so much more when the app is engaged.  There are many apps on the market targeting the “twitter” user but this is one which needs some serious work to give it the viability it needs to compete with the others. I look forward to seeing this app developer and gain more of the twitter market.