The new Easter-themed Rayman Adventures update could be eggs-actly what you’re looking for

It’s Easter, the most chocolatey time of the whole year, and to celebrate Rayman Adventures has been updated with a whole bunch of new content.

What sort of content? Well the Rabbids have invaded all the levels in the game, and they’ve scattered special Easter eggs around.

If you find these, you can spend them on bagging some exclusive new goodies. And there’s some pretty cool stuff to collect, make no mistake.


There’s a new costume for Teensy that turns him into Rabbiteen, as well as a brand new family of chocolate-based Incrediballs. Like the fuzzy critters weren’t adorable enough already.

Oh but there’s more included in the update as well. It adds a couple of new features that make Rayman Adventures even more playable than ever for.

First and foremost there’s Gamepad support. That’s right, you can now run through the levels using the buttons of your favourite controller. Pretty sweet, yeah?

If you haven’t played Rayman Adventures before, it’s a gorgeous looking platformer that sees you making your way through a series of levels and challenges. You’ll need to collect a formidable team of Incrediball allies if you want to complete them all.

The update is live right now on the Google Play Store and the App Store, and we reckon it’s a great way to do Easter just right.

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