Postcard & Tag: Posting And Tagging Abound, No Card Required

How much do you really know about the city you live in? And how many places do you visit regularly? Take Dublin. If you live in Dublin, do you know where the best Guinness is to be found? How about the best Italian restaurant? If visitors land on your doorstep, could you entertain them for a weekend? How about a week? Regarding excursions with visitors, how many times have you heard someone say, ‘I would’ve never even thought to do this unless you were here’. All these questions serve to make a point; no one really knows their own city, let alone one they’re visiting for a couple of days. In both respects, there’s a new app called Postcard & Tag that’s here to help. It’s new, free and out now for iOS and Android.

The idea behind this wonderful little app is to help you make the most of your time while visiting a city. It contains little profile pages for the majority of cities in the world, choc-full of photos, suggestions, recommendations, and reviews from other travellers. Postcard & Tag will tell you the best places to eat, drink, sleep, explore, shop and visit; anything you could possibly want to know about whichever far-flung destination you find yourself in.

All of this is laid out beautifully, with gorgeous photography and an engaging, inspiring layout. Far more stimulating than a boring old tattered travel guide, Postcard & Tag is a cool, trendy mixture of Instagram and Tumblr. The mix of app and user photographs is a great idea, helping you to build a mental picture of each place you visit and decide what you want to do from there. Of course, the app is also handy if you’re exploring your own city, as it also has the capacity to recommend the best places to eat, drink and visit near to your current location.

And that’s not all. You can also search and book hotels straight from the app, and a you build your profile, Postcard & Tag will start making recommendations for you, based on your previous searches and tags. If you’re planning a trip in the near future and want to make the absolute most of it, you’d do well to check out Postcard & Tag.

Traverse over to the App Store and Google Play to get exploring for free today!

Patrick Ryan
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