Puzzle The Picture: Picking Up The Pieces

puzzle the picture iconJigsaw puzzles used to be all the rage. Now, however, they’ve fallen out of favour, largely I assume, because they don’t come complete with a touch screen. They were invented in 1760 or there about, and were originally constructed by painting the image onto the wood, then cutting said wood with a jigsaw, hence the name. Things soon switched to cardboard, and remained that way for many years. Until now. Mikal Johansen has switched the game up with his new app, Puzzle the Picture. It’s a brand new, free app that lets you assemble a series of puzzles on your smartphone, and it’s out now for iOS.

Puzzle the Picture is a simple, straightforward app with no delusions of grandeur. It knows what it does and it does it well. The objective is to create a finished image from a stack of tiles at the bottom of the screen. There are a host of images the app serves up to you, with twenty categories of pictures each containing fifty single images, everything from animals to food. So whatever you want to construct on any given day, Puzzle the Picture has you covered.

puzzle the picture-1 puzzle the picture-2

There’s also an interesting multiplayer element to the app that lets you compete against friends for a coveted spot on the leaderboard. You can invite users through email or Facebook, or simply find some random sucker to play against. If you lack the requisite competitive streak, you can always work away in the single player mode. If things get too tough, you can adjust the difficulty, working between three classic settings, easy, medium or hard.

There’s a lot to like about Puzzle the Picture, and even more to like if you’re a fan of jigsaw puzzles. It’s a bright, colourful app with an intuitive interface and an addictive little nature. The touchscreen is incorporated very well, so smoothly that you’ll be slinging pieces off your stack at a rapid pace in no time at all. If you’re looking for something to pass the time, or just feel like challenging your brain a little, get involved with Puzzle the Picture.

Put together the pieces at the App Store or their website and get solving today for free!

Patrick Ryan
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