Ninja Avengers, The Fun Filled Action Pack Arcade Game

ninja-iconWe all know what the arcade games are a great source of entertainment and challenging gameplays. They allow any user to test his skills and prove their capabilities. That is why we are sharing with all of you one of the best games available on the App Store. Full with amazingly created graphics and unique sound effects, Ninja Avengers is everything that an arcade game should be. It is brought to the iOS platform by the developer team Appz Venture who managed to create such an amazing action game, packed in very neat and tidy design and original animations.

ninja-avengers ninja-avengers-1

Ninja Avengers will make you challenge yourself with every level it contains. It has 10 levels you need to go through. Completing one level will take you to another, and so on. When you open the game you will be surprised of the cool character and the one of a kind gameplay. You play with the ninja warrior and your main goal is to make him fly with simply tapping on your screen. The faster you tap, the higher you fly. The higher you fly, the higher your scores get. Simple as that. You will also need to avoid the obstacles which are coming towards you from time to time. And of course, the more you play, the harder each level gets. Complete one level of this incredible game and open new worlds with the next one.

There are special bonuses within this game, as well. For example, try to collect as many coins as you can in order to unlock new levels and difficulties. You will have the chance to double your amount of coins whenever it’s necessary. It also features awesome equipment, like the shield you can use to divert some of the enemy attacks. Use all of the tools this game offers and try to save the life of the ninja – it is in your hands.

Besides the one of a kind action gameplay, Ninja Avengers includes marvelous graphics, terrific soundtrack, dazzling backgrounds and all kinds of animations for each level. It will be the ultimate game experience for anyone who plays it. You can share your high scores to the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) or challenge your friends via game center. The game requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

All of the customers’ reviews agree with our opinions in this matter. This is one of those games that will endlessly challenge you. Don’t be doubtful and temporize, test your skills with this stellar arcade game. It is available for download on the App Store for only $0.99