3 Amazing Tips for Marketing your App

Smart naming and marketing of your app is absolutely essential. Here’s why:

Your Target Audience Will Respond In Line With The Name:

Studies conducted by Harvard Business Review show that consumers respond differently to brand names. Young consumers are more willing to take risks than older ones, and they’ll also be more willing to go for a new app more than the older ones. The former prefer taking risks for better rewards. So if you are targeting young people, you might not have to focus on marketing as much as putting extra features in your app. On the contrary, older people will settle for fewer rewards in return for stability. So if you are selling a business app, you should focus more on marketing the reliability than bundling up more features with it.

Be Smart And Active on The Social Media:

The dynamics of the social media are changing. There are two things you should know when it comes to social media marketing: First, you have to expand your reach as much as sensible. Don’t expand to platforms your users won’t be using. If you selling apps for office use, there’s no point in running a campaign on a platform that’s popular with teenagers only.

Secondly, this is the age of subcultures. If you want to succeed in social media, try to penetrate into these subcultures. Did you know that only three brands in the world rank in YouTube 500? Yes, the corporate giants haven’t been able to attract subscribers here. The reason is simple: most of them haven’t yet thought of penetrating into subcultures. If you are offering apps for young people, you might do a lot better by coming up with videos that excite young viewers than run-of-the-mill commercial ads. The latter just don’t do well on the social media.

Your Reviews and Testimonials Matter:

A recent survey found out that 88% of the buyers read reviews to determine the quality of the local business. 39% read these regularly. The percentage of people who don’t read reviews at all is just 12. In other words, the only way to stand a chance in the eyes of 90% of the consumers is to have a lot of positive reviews and testimonials to speak for you. The good thing is consumers don’t show any marked difference in behavior when they read online reviews (as compared to print reviews.) So if you are winning sincere positive reviews, you don’t need to worry that people won’t trust them.