Logic Puzzles Daily, Challenge The Professor

logic puzzles daily iconThe coffee pot is brewing, and I have competed my email and all my other morning ablutions. Now its time for me to relax and with coffee in hand wake up my brain. Now, I am a puzzler, I love them. They keep my mind nimble and give me a peaceful way to start my day, particularly with all the negativity in the world. Logic Puzzles Daily by Twin Wizard Apps is a new app of the market, giving you a daily dose of logic in a fun, smart puzzle to test your logic and deductive reasoning skills. There are many puzzle apps in this genre already on the Appstore, but I think this app is little above the others. Now, I haven’t download all of the other logic puzzle apps, but for the ones I have checked out, I find this one to be quite superior.

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If you have never done a logic puzzle, the app gives you a good training tutorial to teach you the set mechanism for deductive and quantitative reasoning. You can start at the easiest level and get your feet wet, but unfortunately this will lead you into very deep and addictive waters. Logic Puzzles Daily does have in app purchases, but I was very pleased to see they weren’t hitting me up to purchase packs right off the bat. There is the challenging Daily puzzle, and then there is one pack of 10 beginner puzzles and three packs of 20 puzzles each, before you have to spend any money. There are ads which pop up occasionally , but they aren’t too offensive, and liveable while you learn to play and love the game. The ads are removed as soon as you purchase one the game packs. The game packs are also very reasonably priced.


Logic Puzzles Daily gives you the ability to play against friends, or you can just keep a personal record of how quickly your solving skills are improving. The hook up to social media is fine, if you are into playing against others, but in the morning I am a solitary puzzler. The Daily puzzle keeps the current and last four daily puzzles available for you, so if you happen to be away for a little while, you won’t lose your daily dose. Although I find it hard to believe we are ever too many days away from our technology. This app was designed by adults, for adults, and I really appreciate there is was no  “cuteness” in the build. I wish it was wire-framed for landscape and not just portrait mode, giving me an easier way to manage my iPad and my coffee cup, but seriously, if this is my only complaint I have with the app, its’ a pretty great app. I will continue to enjoy Logic Puzzles Daily  as part of my morning ritual.