Stiya – Automatic Journal for Life: Review

stiyaHave you ever returned home and somehow you couldn’t remember the specific details from your daily experience, like the name of the place where you had your lunch or coffee, where the hike was the other month or what was the name of that museum you visited last week with your friends. We all know what that is like. That is why today we are presenting you with one of the most popular and most downloaded apps in the Lifestyle category on the App Store – Stiya. This app the best automatic journal for life and it will keep all of your memories in a beautiful and one of a kind journal. You can always open it and relive those moments.

The team of developers, Stiya Inc, put so much effort in creating this amazing app with marvelous design, original features and neat interface. Also, it is really easy to use, you will quickly learn howstiya 1 everything works. Who wouldn’t want an easy accessible journal in their pocket, right? If you are an iOS user and you want private and incredibly looking pocket journal, Stiya is the app perfect for you. It can captures moments and become the little memory app in your device. The app is using a GPS tracking, which we all know it can be very bad for your battery. But the creators of Stiya worked on that issue and made huge improvements and produced a very light on your battery app. Your battery life won’t be decreased at all.

Stiya can be used by many people, but it is especially made for those who want to keep a journal of their daily memories and experiences, like bloggers, travelers scrap bookers, etc. For all the bloggers, this is the best way to write a story fast and efficiently. As for the travelers and foodies, you can all share your amazing experiences with everyone. Mothers who want to journal their kids or nannies, babysitters and childcare facilities who want to capture important moments of the children’s lives can also use this app. It is a perfect fit for musicians and sport figures who want to keep a journal of their tours and everyday routines for their fans and fan groups. Another group of people who can find this app valuable are professionals (businessmen, realtors, truck drivers, etc.) who travel a lot for work.

stiya 2Stiya is made to capture every significant moment throughout your life and you can easily share it with your family and friends. The “share” option allows you to share your stories via any social media you use, text, email or blog. In that way, your friends and family can enjoy viewing your journal stories and you keep your short and long term memories in just one place. This “memory in your pocket” is changing the way memories are captured, searched and shared. The app is compatible with both iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and you can find on the App Store, where you can download it for free.