Parkarr a Crowd-sourced Parking App That Connects Drivers With Parking

parkarrFinding a perfect parking spot for your car can be exhausting. You can spend hours of time looking for a parking spot and sometimes you can even end up parking at a spot that doesn’t suit your needs. All drivers worldwide can relate to this frustration task. It happens every day, whether you are in a rush hour, or in the middle of a peaceful day, you can never find that perfect spot to park in. Besides, there are other drivers which sometimes you must confront with, to argue for a parking spot and ruin your day. Well, you are in luck, because today we decided to share with you an amazing and helpful app that we discovered not too long ago. And it really did help us! Some of our team members are already using it and they agree with all of the positive customers’ reviews. The name of this glorious app is Parkarr.parkarr 1

It is an iOS app that can help users worldwide. This is the most helpful app out there because of its amazing feature to quickly and easily find a perfect parking. Thanks to its fast growing community, you can quickly search and find a parking spot that another user has hosted in your or any other neighboring area. No more putting great efforts in finding parking sport, Parkarr always has your back. It connects drivers around the world that are looking for that perfect parking spot.

Parkarr uses a very unique and harmonized system. It uses a check-in system (maybe you’re familiar with for example checking-in at a restaurant) which allows sharing parking locations of one user to other users, so that when they depart another user can take their spot if they request to do so. With this kind of a system, you can host your current parking spot, upload information about your location in the local map, departure date and time. Then if another driver is interested in your spot, he can quickly take a look on the map and then request to reserve it from you when you leave from it. Also, if you are going somewhere and need a parking place, you can check the map and see if anything is available and preserve it – fill the information about where are you arriving and exchange the spot with the other user. Before doing all of this, you need to make an account and fill out some general information about your car model, color and upload an image of it. That way, when the driver arrives the other user can recognize and visually tell if the car matches the one from the request.

parkarr 2For each hosted spot you gain 1 point, and for every 5 points you will receive a special reward from Parkarr. Also, for every successful parking exchange that you partake in, you gain a trust ratio. Besides GPS, the app features Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and if you are running late there is a late request feature. You will save time and gas by using this app and also limit your parking search frustrations. The developer team created the app very easy to use, with clean interface and unique design. Join the Parkarr community and help yourself and other people to make each other’s lives easier. Don’t hesitate, download this extremely helpful app for free on the App Store. Happy parking!