Tuurnt a Great App To Help You Socialise

tuurntThere are thousands of social media apps nowadays that are quite popular and we like using them, like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. They all allow any user to add and make new friends, connect with people worldwide and share photos and videos to like, and so on. But has it ever occurred to you what exactly is social media site and do they all fill the requirements about being one. A social network is a network that can connect people and share their personal likings and interests. As you’ve already noticed, they are a simple platform for posting personal stuff in order to get likes from other people. They don’t really do the connecting part, don’t they? Not with the app Tuurnt.tuurnt-2

Well, today we have the newest and most popular social media app in the whole world. We discovered it not too long ago and of course, tried it. We fell in love with the app’s uniqueness and its wonderful features. It is called Tuurnt and it is the best iOS app in the Photo & Video category. The customers are pleased and satisfied as we are, they all posted their reviews which are incredibly positive.

Tuurnt actually has the essence of socialisation. It brought back the real meaning of the word “social media” and it lets you discover the most memorable experience of your life. Unlike other social media sites and apps, this iOS app also allows any user to participate in photos and videos. If you download it, you will be able to be a part of your friends’ tuurn up videos and have fun while doing it. Besides, it is very easy to use. All you have to do is create an account and setup your own profile. Follow other people and see what they are posting and view their experiences and videos. When you’re done with making the profile, you can start with your own entertainment. Simply connect and attach your stuff on your friends’ videos in order to create a video sequence. You have incredible 24 hours to reply to a photo or a video once it’s posted by some of your friends. You can include yourself in a tuurnt video of some of your friends – one reply each. Besides the astonishing video sequencing feature, Tuurnt also enables you to leave a comment on a certain post or like that post. There is tuurnt-2an explore section included where you can see the trending tuurnt videos and the ones you’re friends have already posted.

You will be able to share your spectacular videos on other social networks, so other people can see how much fun you’re having and maybe they will join the Tuurnt community. In that way, you can all create life time experiences and memorable moments packed in marvelous video sequence. Tuurn up with your friends, tuurn up with your tuurn up crew on Tuurnt and together make unforgettable memories. Download this beautifully designed app for free on the App Store.