Eyetok – Discover and Share a Live World Through your Smartphone

eyetok bannerGet ready to discover the world! Yes, it is true. Our team found a social networking app recently that is extremely exciting and we wanted to share it with you immediately, we wanted to share the experience that we had and hope you will feel about it too. Turning the iOS device into a walking webcam, Eyetok is the app that everyone needs. It is developed by the Eyetok team who endeavored in making this app as perfect as it is – with incredible graphics, original features and a clean IU. It is beautifully paceyetok 1ked especially for the iOS users worldwide.

Get this app and let’s watch the world together. We know there are times in your life when you think to yourself why I am not there or why my friend can’t be here with me to share this wonderful memory. Not being able to be on a certain desired place, at a certain time, can be quite frustrating and a little depressing. That is why Eyetok was created – to take you to all of those places and share your own experiences. Using only your device, you have the one of a kind opportunity to see what’s happening in your city or even on the other side of the world.

Stop wondering and enjoy the live streams that Eyetok offers. It works in many ways, but mainly to stream what is happening in your own personal life, what are you up to and what interesting places and events you are visiting. While streaming, you can guide the broadcaster with arrows and chat with him, it is a real time interaction.

eyetok 2The other side of the app is that it enables you to watch live streams and discover what’s going on around the world. With your device, you can now attend gigs, concerts, sporting events, parties, traffic jams, anything from normal daily routine moments to memorable once in a lifetime moments. Follow more people from all around the world and discover their lives, but also let other people follow you and see what you’re seeing.

Everything you watch can be shared or more specifically said, re-streamed with your followers, so they can enjoy it too. When the stream is over and you’re done watching it, you will have the ability to rate the broadcaster and share it on any social media site you use. With Eyetok your device can become more useful and informative about all kinds of happenings around the globe. It really brings the world you your fingertips. Download the app for free from the App Store – because the more eyetokers there are, the more of the world we will see.