Ogg for Mac, Just as Good as the iPhone Version, Worth a Try

ogg macOgg is a loveable character from the very start; he is a dude in a mood and looking every bit the part of a caveman, Ogg has a need to travel. He will explore and go bravely into situations where others will not. Playing Ogg allowed us to interact with a feisty character who is going places, even if those places are hazardous.

Ogg likes to invent things and play with rocks, so very much like the atypical caveman then. He also enjoysogg-1 trying out new sources of food and his strange and rustic world is what awaits you. There is plenty of humour in the game and it is fun to play. But it’s not all a laugh and a joke that soon becomes tiring as Ogg does get to be challenging at times. And if you think Ogg just lives in a cave and wanders occasionally into the outside world to eat, think on.

Ogg and his adventures spread to any one of 15 different worlds. Every world you master will be full of surprises and upsets that only a character like Ogg could bring to the game. The animation is just superb. It’s like watching an old version of Jungle Book with a caveman instead. The musical soundtrack seems well chosen and the number of different tasks will be challenging.

Some of the tasks do appear to be adapted versions of one another. One minute Ogg is throwing a rock down a cliff which is guided down by a series of branches sticking out the side of a cliff. Then in another scene Ogg is seen throwing another rock or pebble into a lake, while standing on a rickety raft. Instead of branches guiding the rock down, a school of fish do likewise.

ogg 2Then Ogg throws another rock down the side of a cave wall where old bones guide the rolling stone until it reaches the pot at the bottom of the cave; presumably this is so Ogg can now eat his dinner. Ogg gets to find his way high up in the trees using branches to guide down to an object at the bottom, which you must hit to boost point totals and so the theme goes on and on.

In almost every case you are letting gravity take its course of action and just have to get the trajectory right. We felt it was rather like pinball using rocks instead of metal balls, bones instead flippers and Ogg instead of the spring launcher.