Yoga Nidra – Guided Relaxation Meditation Practice

yogaStress and anxiety, two of the most wide-spread and recurring problems that have almost never been an issue until our recent history, are starting to plague almost every corner of the world. Weather caused by advertisement or media, the corporate nature or stressful job environments, social gatherings or bad relationships, stress and anxiety are an everyday threat tyoga 1o us and to the global society. Some people blame society as a whole for further aiding this problem subconsciously, while others blame it on mass media and news propaganda. But we’re not here to incite people to start finding out where the root of this problem resides yet. We think a state of well-being should be one’s first priority, and what better way to achieve this than through meditation.

Meditation is by its nature a completely opposite state of mind than that of anxiety and stress. And yet, meditation is as foreign to most people out there as the deep ocean floor is to us. The truth is that the state of meditation is perhaps one of the easiest and most peaceful experiences that a human being could ever acquire in their life. But because of the way the architecture of everything around us is shaped, it’s really easy to miss out on this great opportunity that our psyche has given to us. And in fact, most people do just that. Most of society has never experienced, or worse yet, is too afraid to experience this privileged human state, the state of meditation, within their lifetime. But we’re here to help you, dear reader, to start your meditative experience with the help of the Yoga Nidra app.

Yoga Nidra is an app that helps and guides beginners at the start of their meditation. This app will help lead you to inner relaxation, and will show you how you can enjoy your true and peaceful inner self. Every person should use this app to greatly reduce their symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. Using the app, you can quickly enter a state filled with deeper levels of awareness. Yoga Nidra includes complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. While practicing with this app, users can appear to be asleep, while what’s happening is their consciousness is fluctuating at a much deeper level of awareness. Often for this reason, Yoga Nidra is referred to as psychic sleep.

yoga 2The app itself has multiple modes and settings which aid in the meditation process. It has 3 beautiful videos that you can select from: the beautiful Island Beach, the breezy Autumn Leaves or the Flying through Clouds background. You can also listen to soothing accompanying music. The user can also choose to switch between 5 meditation lengths, and all at the tap of a single button. The app also has progression. Each Yoga Nidra meditation lists finished stages. With longer meditation, the user can start to be introduced to intermediate stages such as visualization and feelings of opposites.

All in this entire app is amazing for people who have a hard time getting into meditation and self-improvement. The app itself has two versions, free and paid, and you can find and download both of them on the App Store.