Always informed, Forever inspired, Bang on trend – Apollo Muse Review

apollo iconThere are many TV shows and websites that allow us to watch things related to art and design. They are great, but what about an app? An app that we can carry around anywhere we go and use anytime we want. Having this in mind, the developers Apollo Television, created an ios app that caapollo muse 1n keep us always informed and inspired, no matter where we are. Recently launched on the ios platform, the app got us all intrigued and we can say that it is the best RSS feed reader available online. Since it is about design, it must be beautifully designed. With great graphics and simple to use interface, Apollo muse is a must for anyone who wants to enjoy reading articles about art, design and even technology.

Apollo Muse brings the art world at the tip of your fingertips. It is all finally in one place. The articles within the app are collected and drawn from many popular websites, so now instead of searching the web, you have all in just one place, always here for you in your pocket. It updates and puts the articles with a speed of the light, so you will always have the latest information, headlines, news and exhibitions. Once you download it, you will quickly handle and manage it, it is a very simple to use app. Just scroll through the displayed reports and tap on the ones you like the most. Read anything you’re interested in, just browse and get the latest and hottest information about all kinds of galleries and gallery openings, art exhibitions, art and design auctions, new fashion designs, architecture, newest designed products on the market, music videos art, etc.

apollo muse 2This feed reader is very powerful – it collates and curates the very best from the art and design world and puts everything into a easy manageable app which will always be your best source of information. Share the app with all of your family and friends and always have new interesting topics to talk about. Impress them with your rich information and by being on the cutting edge of the culture, the art and the design.

Apollo Muse cares for everyone because it is dedicated to both the readers and the publishers. The readers can read and always be informed and inspired with the latest art and design news and the publishers/writers can gain more readers and viewers. It truly is a win – win app for all.

Watch the world creating the very best by downloading this app from the App Store, where it is free of charge