Trade bouquets for Gems in Game of Dice’s Tulip Festival event

The mobile board game sensation, Game of Dice, has received a hefty expansion which adds a selection of exciting new features and events.

Mysterious Mansion is a brand new map included with this update, which changes the mechanics of the game by adding a Toll increase to ‘Jail’ and ‘Crimson Aura’ tiles and moves the location of ‘Fortune Road’.

There’s also a new system where you can equip one of over 20 buffs in the ‘Goods’ menu, and a new Powder Shop where you can trade unwanted Dice Fragments for items you actually need.

A bunch of events have also been released to celebrate the new update, including ‘Get’em Goods’ (make five star Goods for 500 Gems), ‘Spooky Wooky New Map’ (play the new map for daily rewards), and ‘Tulip Festival’ (trade tulip bouquets for Gems).

If you’re yet to experience the game, Game of Dice is a Monopoly-inspired board game in which you throw dice, travel around a multi-tiled board, and take property you land on. This then increases in value when you perform a lap.

To help you gain the upper hand, there’s a bunch of skill cards, characters, and dice which have their own useful abilities you can use each game.

If you’d like to check it out, head on over to the App Store or Google Play right now, where Game of Dice is available for free.

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