Clear Ad Blocker: the Ad Block and Fast Browsing Tool for websites

ad blockerSearching and browsing thought the web can sometimes be difficult because of the annoying ads that constantly pop up and get in our way. Some websites have more ads, other few, but there is no doubt that they interrupt us in our free surfing. Our team decided to find an app that can fix that and we discovered one freshly developed on the App Store. The name of the app is Clear Ad blocker and it will clear all your ads related troubles. It is created by Clear Apps LTD and it is available for all of the iOS users worldwide. Clear’s design is great, with clean user interface and helpful features. No wonder why the app is one of the best productivity tools worldwide. Besides, it is free, compatible clear ad blockerwith all iOS devices and requires iOS 9.0 or later.

This ad-blocker app contains different features that can offer great value to its users. Easy to use, you just install it and you will quickly set it up and configure it. If you can’t manage, there’s always a guide option that can show you how to do everything: how to enable the app on Safari, how to whitelist a site, etc. Working smoothly with the Safari browser on your device, Clear Ad Blocker enables you to browse the web ad-free. The browsing will be 4 times faster than ever and with it, more enjoyable. Forget about all of the data consumption – this app reduces it on Cellular and Wi-Fi up to 50%. Also, your battery life will be improved up to 20%, so no more battery draining, it will last longer. Reduce the browser’s clutter and mess and save money on your mobile phone bill as well. With Clear Ad Blocker, there are no tracking systems involved and you can stay private. It also does not track which ads are blocked by the users. With these attributes you will reduce exposure to ad trackers that track your online behaviour.

ad blocker 2You can choose which ads from which websites to block. Write down the ones you want to receive and view ads from and add them to your own “Whitelist”. This is because not all ads are evil, maybe you will find something useful. With less than a minute to set up the app, you can have everything according you your likings. Remove all of the unwanted apps, speed up your browsing and improve your battery life. It will not interfere with the ads that appear on Facebook or other apps. Clear blocks most ad formats via Apple Safari browser.

Enhance your browsing experience with this amazing ad-blocker and fast tool for websites. You can find it and download it for free from the App Store.