Tint Pop, Simple and Easy iPhone Game

tint pop bannerEvery now and again you might just want to download a game that is challenging but simple. One that you can just pick up and play whenever you’re bored. Well I’ve got just the game for you. It’s call Tint Pop. It’s a puzzle game with a twist. All you have to do is tap and shoot into the circle. It’s all about being accurate and patient. Developed by Cappuccino, the game starts off with level one. You play by shooting at the arcs that is the same colour has your arrow. The further you progresstint pop 2 the more challenging the app becomes and you will need to have patience and a steady hand.

With the different colour arcs going around in a circle you will feel hypnotise. Tint Pop is pack with hundreds of levels and I mean hundreds. If It gets too hard for you then you can skip the level but that’s no fun, you will love the challenge. The levels will truly test your precision and accuracy. You need to hit the arcs with the matching colour to get through the levels. If you’re playing a level and you happen to miss your arc then you can continue by watching a short video and continue where you failed instead of starting the level all over again.

The music in the game makes it even more pleasant to play. The graphics are bright and pleasant. Tint Pop is a colourful and fun game to play. There is a leaderboard to compete in and you are able to share your high scores on Twitter.

To be honest with you, this is probably the shortest review I have ever done. There really isn’t loads to write about the app. You just need to get playing and see how addictive and at the same time challenging. If you commute then Tint Pop is an app to keep on your phone. It is free to download, does have in-app purchases that allows you to remove the ads. Try Tint Pop, you won’t be disappointed.

tint pop 1