Presidential Race 2016: The hunt begins

raceDuring the presidential elections we need something that can relax us and keep us entertained. Something that can provide such fun and amusement is often a game. That is why today we are presenting to you the freshest and the coolest game on the iOS platform. Discovered recently by one of our team members, it got us all addicted and entertained. The game is called Presidential Race 2016 and it will literally make you see the election race in a fun and nice way. You can play ipresidentialt for free and let it become a part of your everyday routine.

The gameplay of Presidential Race 2016 will attach your hands to your iOS device. The match 3 gameplay is challenging and it will make you enjoy your time during the presidential elections. When you first install and start the game, you will be welcomed by its colourful and peaceful HD graphics and easy to handle user interface. The exciting puzzles that are included can engage you and improve your mind skills. It can be played by both adults and children, so it really doesn’t matter what age you are, you can all play while the debates are happening. Race 2016 features 300 difficulty levels. When you pass one level, the next one will be much more difficult. The levelling progression is what actually makes the game so daring. Play through the various levels and improve your skills in solving the puzzles. The match 3 gameplay will allow you to make your own strategies and game plans in order to be better and win more levels. The unique approach focused on elections can make you think about every action you make in an engaging way. While you play, your moves will be limited so to be fair, the developers included some power-ups. Some of the power-ups are slower and more challenging to acquire, but nevertheless they will open new possibilities and chances for you to pass a certain level.

presidential 1Understanding the candidates in the election race can be quite hard, but with Presidential Race 2016 you can figure out which one is the best for you and to whom you should give your vote. With wonderful gameplay mechanics and intriguing puzzles you will be able to enjoy the debates on the side. The game also updates with some information about the presidential candidates that have entered the election race. Complete the puzzles within, let the soothing music engage you more and spend the election year in your own way. So start planning your own presidential race by downloading Race 2016, and have fun in your own way during the debates. You can find and download it for free from the App Store.