DocChat, Get a Diagnosis Through the App

docchat iconWhen you’re feeling unwell and dizzy, have a headache, a sore throat, a cough, a fever and chest pain, the normal thing to do is to go to the doctor’s office and have yourself checked. But, going there can be quite exhausting and unpleasant and it is the last thing you want to do when you’re sick and you don’t want to get up from your bed. First, you have to wait for an appointment, then leave the house, go through the traffic and sit in the waiting room with all of those sick people. And all of this just for a regular, 10 minutes, check-up. Maybe you’re busy with your work and simply don’t have the time to go to the doctor’s. Either way, we have an app that can help you avoid all of these inconveniences. It is called DocChat and it is developer by DocChat Telemed. Available on the iOS platform, this app can get you the best medical treatment by certified and experienced doctors.docchat 1

Easy to use, with great interface, DocChat is a legal telemedicine app and the doctors within are as liable for your care and well-being as the doctors you would see in person would be. Once you install it, just create your own account and register. Choose a doctor you want to talk to and establish contact though video and audio chats. It feels like a regular doctor’s appointment, just tell everything you feel and let the doctor evaluate and diagnose you. Then, he can write you a suitable medical prescription and have it electronically send to some of you local pharmacies. There are no time limitations included while you talk, unlike other telemedicine apps that allow consult no more than 10 minutes. This high quality service is available for anyone 24/7/365. Request any doctor you like and get him on a real time video within 15 minutes only. Once you get everything, you can call again after 7 days and have the needed follow-up (to see how you’re doing and if there are any health improvements).

DocChat is ideal medical app for students, parents, businessmen, nursing homes, busy families, etc. If you have a business and want to provide your employees the best health plans that won’t cost you a fortune, this app will help you for that too. Forget about paying hundreds of dollars each month, you’re responsible for your copayments now.

docchat 2Take care of yourself and for your loved ones. Add them in your list and make a call for them as well. Share the app wherever you like in order to make the healthcare more accessible for everyone. DocChat guarantees you a video consult with licensed doctors, physicians and specialists. Get the best medical treatment online by downloading this app for free from both Google Play and from the App Store.